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Selapak Training Center

Fight for Cambodia (FFC) has teamed up with Selapak to provide training by CHAN Rothana, a One Championship professional fighter, to a group of students that will receive sponsorship from our organization.  By working with Selapak, Rothana, and other trainers, we will ensure the students receive the best training possible.

Right now there is a small group of students that work construction jobs 8-10 hours a day and then go to Selapak to train.  These guys live on the streets and have limited education because they had to leave school at a young age to provide for their families. And yet they show their strength, self motivation and determination every day by committing to learn the skills necessary to become a fighter.

Martial Arts in Cambodia is like baseball in the US or football in Europe. It is the national sport and has been part of Cambodian culture for nearly 1000 years. The opportunity to become a fighter is a chance to have a profession that can change their lives forever.

Fight for Cambodia will aid students through scholarships and by providing proper training clothing, and gear. Knowing there is a group of people supporting them in their desire to succeed is what will help make their success possible.

A little bit of money goes a very long way in Cambodia.  You can help by 1) Donating through PayPal on the Shop Now Button or through the website 2) Supporting the effort by liking and sharing the story on Facebook and following along as we empower these amateur athletes or 3) visiting Phnom Penh and training alongside the professional and amateur fighters and the others at Selapak. Yes you can do this!

If you’d prefer to send a check please message us.  Also know that Fight for Cambodia has no paid staff and all donations directly support our efforts to help people that are changing their lives.

Finally, we received our official approval as a fundraising charity from the Massachusetts Attorney General last week so we are official!


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