Fighting for a Better Cambodia Any fan of American cinema is intimately acquainted with this sports movie trope: a rag-tag team of misfits is finally blessed with top-of-the-line gear before they take on the league heavyweights. Cue the training montage.   But its ubiquity in coming-of-age sports films has not changed the fact that for some sports, it is

Athletes in Action

The results are in from our athletes at ONE Championship.  Rothana and Vy Srei K both win, but in reality all the Cambodian athletes and fans gain from the exposure of Khmer martial arts on the global MMA stage.  All are inspirational. Read the full article from the Phnom Penh Post CHAN Rothana revels in

Rothana Looks for Redemption

Chan Rothana is a household name in Kun Khmer circles, but more recently he has been at the forefront of Khmer fighters mixing traditional Khmer martial arts like Yutakhun Khom, of which Rothana is a proponent, with Mixed Martial Arts for the Mega Asian MMA promotion ONE Championship.   In December, ONE will return to